Leaving hospital

I’m sitting in the hospital entrance with my discharge paperwork and my meds. More injections for 7 days. Maybe I should let Dave get his own back?

Antonis called to say he’d left Paleochora for the airport. He will call me when his father leaves the airport for the hospital.

I should be back at Grammeno 90 minutes later.

It’s a sunny day, however, I can see a storm approaching but hopefully, it will have run out of puff by the time it gets here. Ursula and Tony are probably using the fine morning to pack up their tent ready for departure tomorrow evening. I think they plan to stay in Paleochora tonight in the same hotel as last time.

Maria came to visit last night bringing me roses from their garden. They are probably visiting the camping today to drop off some stuff as they are moving house. Maria is completely barmy and eventually left just before midnight. They offered me a lift to the camping but I said I already had one. They are so utterly unreliable I only involve them as a last resort. Apparently, Martha, Georgia’s mother, is making me food as she fears I will waste away otherwise.


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