Moment of insanity

I took all nine dogs myself this morning. I cheated a bit because Boris was on his prong collar so was an angel, and I let the real pullers free as soon as I was through the fence. As well as my nine, there was Mickey, another stray who loosely belongs to Maria, when she happens to be here. Coming back is easier as they are tired. Fortunately, I had Ursula for the first walks after my return.

Tony and Ursula left yesterday evening on the ferry to Piraeus and are staying with Tony’s sister in Athens until tomorrow before catching the Venice ferry from Patras.

Walking all dogs together is a real bonus as I am back before 08:00: all fed and finished by 08:30. It’s getting light around 06:15 so perfectly possible, at least for now.

The remainder of the day was server updates and a little other IT work.

Now that my hernia is fixed, I should be able to move on with some of the jobs I’ve not tackled due to heat or incapacity.

A couple more weeks and it’ll be only a memory.

I’m polishing off the last glass of a very nice village white wine found amongst a load of bottles in the workshop. No additives so no comeback. Perfect!


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