A change of pace

Following the Departure of Tony and Ursula on Saturday evening, I have changed my routine. Not going out to eat means feeding myself both in the morning and the evening. I used to eat a bun of some kind with a cup of tea when I took Heidi and Oskar to spend the day with them. That often went on until gone 11am and then we would go out for something to eat around 15:00. My actual working day was reduced to four hours and then a little more time in the evenings. Admittedly, if anyone wished to get hold of me they could.

Obi decided to jump ship yesterday as Georgia and Maria were in the camping with a few others. He ran out the gate as I went out to see Maria and that was the last I saw of him that day. I could have wandered around to find him but felt he might like to see what it was like on the outside for a change. Having fewer dogs to walk this morning, I took all eight, including Boris on one walk. Boris was wearing his prong collar so he always behaves nicely – no pulling. I let Heidi and Oskar off the lead once I was out of the camping, so they enjoyed freedom whilst the others were still on the lead. Shortly after we began the walk and all the dog were off the lead, Obi suddenly appeared from nowhere. By 08:00 we were all back at the camping and fed by 08:30. Obi obediently appeared at the end of the walk to have his lead put on, which left me with more dogs than leads. I let Heidi and also Charlie just follow us back as they generally stick with the others anyway. Obi has spent a restful day, following his breakfast, mostly sleeping inside the van. It’s possible that he has discovered that life on the outside is harder than he anticipated…
I’ve done some IT stuff for EG and another customer, and took Dave for a short walk on the beach as far as the eastern line of rocks. On the way back I stopped off to chat with a couple of Greek guys who are staying in one of the Small Cabins. They told me that they are looking for work in the greenhouses or indeed anything they can get. They came to the mainland a few months ago as they wanted to escape from city life. They asked me if I would like to eat with them later and I agreed. We had an enjoyable meal in the covered area near the BBQ. Lots of dead animals but some salad too, fortunately. I seem to have eaten quite a lot of meat recently.
I’ve given myself my anti-coagulant injection, fed the dogs and am now sitting in the tent with the sound of the sea in the distance and the tent flapping in the wind. It is not very cold but there have been a few drops of rain. I don’t have to find anything to eat tonight so will put the Small Dogs to bed and then probably go inside before the cold starts to get in. I’m still only wearing shorts although I have a fleece on with the hood up. Today has been warm but progressively cloudy. Rain is forecast for Wednesday.


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