One week on

With the correct number of dogs, I set out for the morning walk, keeping them all on their leads until it was time to let them off. Boris seems to enjoy having his walk with all the other dogs and is certainly wearing himself out with all the ball throwing I do for him. The others rush around, as usual, pursuing poor Micky back to the camping. He keeps coming back for more, so he must derive some form of masochistic pleasure from being chased by the dogs.

I’ve been catching up on a few things as well as some odd jobs around the compound. One is to turn over the sharp wire on top of the Small Dog compound to avoid stabbing oneself whilst leaning over to pick up the food on the table on the other side.
Antonis called and we made arrangements to take Obi to the vet for his eye and me to have my staples out at the hospital. Antonis is collecting me at 08:00 so we need to be out on our walk around 06:00 so that they get long enough and I am able to feed them before going out. Antonis informed me that his weekend in Prague was very successful and we discussed a number of other jobs I wished for him to do.
Tony and Ursula are well on their way to Venice having left Igoumenitsa early this morning. At lunchtime, I enjoyed another of Ursula’s frozen Leak and potato soups and have some bean curry warming up as I write. I’ve not been to the supermarket as I thought I’d give it a few more days before getting back on my bike.
Feeding time has moved from 20:00 in the summer to 17:00 so all the Small dogs can be in bed by 18:30 – 19:00. They don’t seem to need much persuasion…
Tomorrow afternoon the forecast is rain continuing into the night but dry on Thursday morning.
Picking up fag-ends of conversation, it would appear the girl who has been here since the beginning of the season, is staying for the entire winter. It will be interesting to see how that works out as it’s early days yet. I should imagine there will be plenty for her to do if there is an influx of Albanians like last year. I need to find out if she is being paid as all other winter people have just received board and lodging.
I can smell the curry, so need to put the Small Dogs to bed before it is ready to eat.


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