It’s pouring but then the forecast said it would

Chania was warm and sunny this morning as Antonis slept in the car as I had my staples removed. We’d previously visited the vet who said that Obi would require a small procedure to fix the problem with his tear duct. He is scheduled in on Friday at 09:30. Antonis’ girlfriend returns from Athens later in the morning, so that fits in well as he would have to come to pick her up from the airport anyway.

The extensive tape covering my wound dressing was removed as well as the dressing itself, to display 11 nice stainless steel staples. Removing the staples was relatively painless and redressing the wound likewise. The doctor then decided that I might benefit from more strapping for extra support but another doctor disagreed, so it was removed again. The most painful part of the entire procedure. At least tomorrow, I can have a proper shower for the first time since last Monday.

Antonis appeared with another 40kg of dog food when we got back to Grammeno and says he will come tomorrow to seal the gap between the awning at the van roof. The wind is from the east so not much water is dribbling down the gap at present.

Ursula and Tony arrived in Venice this morning following their crossing from Patras. They made it to within 300km of the French border before the clutch went on their car as they sped down the autostrada. Now waiting two days for it to be fixed and staying in a hotel on the fringe of a retail park in Vicenza. Ursula is delighted that they will get back to UK even later given that they delayed their departure from Crete to look after the dogs during my absence. Tony contented himself to guzzle down 1/2 litre of wine before preparing to sleep away the rest of the day.

The Brown Dogs are laying on the Small Dog blankets which are sheltering from the rain under the awning. I take the Small Dog blankets out during the day otherwise they amuse themselves by dragging them around their compound or trying to destroy them.

All dogs now sleeping and the rain has stopped.


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