First proper shower

For over a week I’ve not been able to have a decent shower and wash my hair. Today I had a long hot shower and washed my hair.

I removed the dressing after the prescribed twenty-four hours. So now I’m clean.

Antonis came to stop my leaks but had to go home as he was feeling sick. I decided to paint my roof in an attempt to fix some of the leaks as it seemed like a nice day for roof painting. The paint is white so should make the van cooler when it’s hot. It’s raining now but hopefully the paint has gone off. The sky looks exceedingly black overhead. We’ve just had a brief shower but I suspect there is more to come.

Speaking with the Swiss guy who is camping near the beach. He likes walking ,so plans to move further north in order to walk some other mountains. The weather from now on is likely to become quite variable and soon colder too. I warned him that the mountains get very chilly and there can even be snow.

The sea has washed away the large beach on the promontory and has been up nearly to the trees on Grammeno beach. I’ve missed my opportunity to get out with my metal detector as now everything has been washed away. I have yet to tour the camping in search of booty but I have no competition so there’s no hurry.

Obi is booked in for his tear duct at the vet tomorrow but the little toad ran the gate earlier so is at large in the camping with Micky. I plan to leave him out there all night, especially if it’s raining, as he will probably show up when we go out for the morning walk.

Extremely black clouds over the mountains so I’m glad I’m not up there just now.

Obi visit to Chania cancelled as Antonis too poorly. Hope I didn’t catch his lurgy sat in his car yesterday morning.


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