Plenty of flies on us!

Since the rain came, so have the flies. They seem to love the awning tent but congregate on the magnetic fly screen in the evening. Presumably, because it is warmer in the van. I have retaliated with a DIY fly trap made from a 1.5l water bottle containing a sugary solution and rotting meat. So far there have been few takers. Inside, I have set up my UK electric fly zapper and have had no customers as yet.

Rain postponed the start of the walk this morning but there was only 1mm, so hardly a deluge. The rest of the day has been fine and sunny albeit cloudy.
I took the Brown Dogs and Dave for a nice walk on the large beach earlier and we sat in the sun whilst Dave had a swim. His treatment appears to be working as he seems to have plenty of energy. It was lovely to sit on the beach in the sun with a gentle westerly breeze. The sun is not hot now so perfectly possible to sit unprotected.
Marion, who took Malloy AKA Benny sent me a picture of him, requesting recent pictures of Minnie which I duly added to the puppies album. She hankers after Minnie as their third dog however her husband isn’t up for it. Apparently, Malloy requires a lot of ‘training’ and has difficulty fitting into the urban environment. I haven’t actually found out what the problem is but have asked.
Cooked up more chicken and rice for Dave plus some extra for the other dogs. Rice, not chicken, that is.
It’s almost full moon with 99% visible tonight. I can see it making its way up from behind the mountains over Paleochora. The moon follows the sun, rising in the east and setting in the west. Moon set at 05:15 (EET).
On the camping, there are some people staying in the rooms at reception as well as a couple of tourist in a Small Cabin and the two Greeks who have been there for a week or so.
Tony and Ursula have finally made it home having visited both daughters and their progeny. Ursula will now be able to relax a little. For some reason, they stayed in a hotel just outside Calais taking the 11:00 train today. It would appear that Tony wished to stay. I would have travelled until home but them I’m a cheapskate not wishing to spend money on accommodation.


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