Door shut!

For the first time this autumn I have shut the van door as it’s too chilly outside. I have been in since I fed the dogs as even the tent was too chilly to be sitting outside. It seems that winter is on the way. With the door closed, it is still 22C in the van so no need for any heating for a while.

This morning was a little chilly at only 14C when I went out with the dogs, although the sky was very beautiful as the sun’s light was coming over the horizon.

Micky, the camping dog, was waiting outside the gate first thing this morning so I decided to release Minnie to distract him whilst I prepared the others for their walk. That didn’t work as all I had was two dogs charging madly around the camping. I released them all once I was out of the camping gate so that they could chase each other up and down the beach. Maria and Georgia are not here so hopefully, Vaso is feeding Micky. Again, this evening, he was hanging around outside my gate. I’ll leave a bed for him in the storeroom with Dave but I’m reluctant to make him too comfortable as I’m trying to reduce my dog count, not increase it. They all had lots of fun chasing him back to the camping at least three times this morning.

Luis and Fido are more tolerant towards Obi as they are allowing him to share the big dog bed with them. This bed is at the rear of the van by the bench seat so that I can warm my feet on the dogs. Luis and Fido are siblings so often snuggle up together or indulge in play fights in the mornings. Obi is still excluded from these.

It’s a full moon tonight with 100% illumination. I understand it’s a Super Moon where the moon is closest to Earth. It looks about the same to me but then I probably see the moon a lot more than most people. I like it when it’s still out in the mornings so we can go out earlier for walks.

Oskar decided not to go into his bed this evening so Charlie is on his own. Oskar needs to come to some arrangement with Minnie or he’s going to be cold out tonight. I let them stay outside until the temperature falls below 10C at which point I put them inside in the storeroom.

Antonis came to fill the gap between the awning and the van and to block off the end where the awning is longer than the main roof. We squirted expanding foam in the gaps and filled the end gap with aluminium sheet screwed to the van side. I need now just to trim the foam and let it go off before painting it with waterproof paint. He is now better, following his lurgy last week, however, his girlfriend went down with it once she returned from visiting her parents in Athens. We are planning to go to Chania on Wednesday or Thursday to get Obi’s eye done. Antonis will let me know tomorrow.


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