Death to flies!

They’ve been driving my crazy for a few days so I looked on the Internet. A spray bottle of bathroom or kitchen cleaner seems to do the job. I used Daisy kitchen cleaner and they dropped like the proverbial. Washing up liquid and water also works when put into a spray bottle and aimed at them. The ones in the van conveniently self-terminated on my UV fly zapper. I shall buy more cheap cleaning products at the supermarket tomorrow.

Quite windy this evening with lots of flapping tent fabric. Not too bad and should calm down by midnight.

It has been sunny and warm for most of the day but there were a few menacing clouds in the morning.

Dave and the Brown Dogs went for a walk to the end of the promontory and back this afternoon, which Dave completed with ease. It seems that the meds are working.

It is now two weeks since my operation and I feel pretty good. I gave myself the last anti coagulation injection yesterday, so no more meds for me.

Waiting to hear from Antonis about going to Chania either tomorrow evening or Thursday morning to hopefully get Obi’s tear duct fixed. I wonder if Antonis has forgotten?

The camping is now empty of all but long term residents of which I see mostly the Greek guys. Those in the reception building will soon be struggling once the sun’s power declines leaving little hot water. As I found out for myself last year by climbing onto the flat roof, there is no electric element in the solar water tank, so no sun, no hot water.

It’s 18:00 and completely dark as the sun set around 17:25. I put the Small Dogs’ blankets in their houses after I fed them. Heidi was put in early last night but I have a feeling this evening’s candidate will be Millie as she keeps making a racket. Poor girl just can’t help herself. Some of the others will just have gone to bed.


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