Obi’s trip to the vet

My injections are now a thing of the past as I have finished the course. In fact, I went on longer than the prescription as there were ten of them in the packet and the prescription said only seven. I didn’t see the point in paying for ten (€45) and throwing the others away!  The application was incredibly simple as each one was loaded and ready meaning it was a matter of just removing the protective cap over the needle and pressing the plunger. All I have to do is dispose of the spent needles…

Antonis picked up Obi and I for our trip to the vet which should have been last Friday but was cancelled due to Antonis being unwell. This time the appointment was 12:00 as opposed to 09:30 which needed a more civilised departure but took up most of the day. The operation was on time and Obi is now resting on his blanket beside me. The tear duct has been put into a special new sac so that it can function normally. The alternative to remove the duct can lead to conjunctivitis and a lifetime of applying artificial tears several times each day. As it is, I have to do tears four times each day and oinkment three times. In the past, Obi has been anything but cooperative, however, he just stands still to let me get on with it. He had a full anaesthetic for the procedure so will require a little time to get over that.
Antonis picked us up and I bought a new supply of special food for Dave as well as more Lasix, heart pills and needles. The bill was fortunately hugely less than UK but significant none the less. Hopefully, I will not have to pay for my medical attention so I’m around £1,500 up at the moment.
Whilst I was waiting for Obi, I could see a woman outside tending to a German Shepherd mix
I was a fairly fine day so the drive through the mountains was very pleasant. I’m beginning to know that road quite well with all the trips I have made during the past couple of months. Me to the hospital, Dave and now Obi.
I also managed to leave my phone in Antonis’ car so there was a bit of a panic whilst I contacted him to be sure it was there. Fortunately, he has just returned it to me.


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