Grammeno weather

I’ve been doing a little more to my weather site today.
and have fixed a couple of problems with sun and moon rise.
There was a beautiful dawn today followed by an equally beautiful sunrise over the sea.
Only one more month until the shortest day and it will be all downhill to summer!
On our way back from the Dave walk, we encountered the Greek guy sitting outside his cabin. We had a chat and then Maria came along.
Other than play with my website, I’ve sat in the sun and done a few server updates. Hardly a demanding day really.
Boris was unattached when I got up this morning: usually, he is tied on a long rope to some immovable object. I left him detached when we came back from the morning walk and he’s been like that all day. If he doesn’t annoy the others, there is no need for him to be tied up. Dave doesn’t come in much and carries out his social encounters during the afternoon ‘Dave Walk’ accompanied by the Brown Dogs.
Other excitements today include some interesting brown spaghetti and cheese later. I’m actually going to cook something!
Obi’s eye seems OK and he is free in the camping as Maria is here. He and Micky are making a bit of a racket so I might go and reclaim Obi now that it’s dark.


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