Another lovely day

On Sunday night Antonis appeared with a 20kg box of red wine for me to try. I said I really only needed one litre, but, like everything else he does, it has to be bigger. I was able to test the aforementioned wine and can conclude that it is possible to drink a few glasses without any adverse effect the following day. It is village wine so does not contain anything other than wine.

We are going tomorrow to the vet in Chania to see how Obi’s eye is progressing following the surgery last Wednesday. If things have gone well, he may be able to have his lampshade removed.
Today was sunny and warm with a top temperature of 24.6C. This afternoon I took the Brown Dogs and Dave for a wander on the beach where we sat in the sun and gazed at the sea. Dave didn’t seem up for too much walking today so I thought it better to take it easy.
I spent some while chatting with the Greek Guy currently staying in one of the Small Cabins. His English is not bad but wanted some practice which I gave.
The Small Dogs are noisily ‘playing’ in their run, Boris is in his house, Dave in the storeroom and the Brown Dogs all on the large dog bed at my feet in the van. It is not usual for the three of them to be in such close proximity but they are all sleeping peacefully at present. Except for Luis who is snoring!


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