Just a little light

Just a little light in the western sky as the time approaches 18:00. All dogs have been fed and have even enjoyed some extra rice which I boiled up when I did Dave’s. I used white rice this time to see which Dave prefers. The others will eat almost anything, especially the Small Dogs. I throw the Small Dogs banana skins, orange peel, cucumber skins and also Olive pits from my olives. They are not too choosy. I’m keeping an eye on Millie as she is getting to be a big girl. She is on reduced food for a while I think.

Now that Boris is allowed to roam free in the larger compound, he has started to visit the decking as well as glancing wistfully at the interior of the van. As I already have three dogs to step over, I certainly do not wish to have anything as large as Boris inside with me as well. The Brown Dogs now snuggle up together on the large dog bed so all I have to do is step over them. In any event, Fido has made it perfectly clear to Boris that his persona, inside the van, is totally non grata.
As it is now the beginning of the long night season, I decided that I would get some more speakers for my evening viewing. The existing speakers are not bad however it is sometimes difficult to hear when it is very windy or raining hard. I have ordered some 5.1 speakers, a little like the ones we had at Fitzroy for a time. They will be hugely more than adequate for my situation however they can also go out on the decking in the warmer weather. The speakers in the monitor are definitely far too small and too tinny for comfortable listening and the external ones are not quite up to the mark so I miss some of the dialogue from time to time. With all around sound, I should hear everything. At least I have no neighbours to upset at this time of the year!
Heidi has been put to bed and Millie volunteered. Heidi cannot resist barking back when she hears dogs barking in the distance. All the other dogs can mostly manage to keep quiet. She has been put to bed with no good night biscuits or blanket. I will give her a blanket later when I put the others to bed. Millie was out of the gate like a shot and into her cage. The former Luis residence. I suspect Millie doesn’t really mind her own company.


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