It is raining

We’re having a bit of rain right now so I have been using the opportunity to check all of the various leak repairs. Everything seems fine although there is still a little bit of water seeping through one of the bolts holding the awning bracket in position. The front one, which was discharging water onto the foot of my bed appears fine thanks to all the silicone sealant I have squirted in.

I have also checked out the awning and that appears to be ok where Antonis sealed along the joint and I painted the other day. There is a little water coming under the awning in one corner but that is because it is discharging the wrong end and needs to have the fall away from the decking end onto the sandy bit by the steps. At the moment the water is splashing off the decking and back inside, under the mud flaps which themselves. They are not correctly deployed as they need to go under the feet of the front supports in order to be properly positioned.

It rained in the night and at dawn making our morning walk start later than usual. Cold it was not, however, wet it was.
I could see the clouds building up so decided to get on and to do the Dave walk before the rain came. I could see it falling, out to sea, as I was walking back across the beach. I then had a chat with Greek Guy in one of the Small Cabins who told me he would be leaving today to go to Sougia where his friend might have work for him. As the rain started, he decided that a motorcycle journey in the rain was not such an attractive proposition so may now decide to stay over and to leave tomorrow. If I was him, I would wait until Wednesday since Tuesday is forecast with the possibility of 26mm rain. That is quite wet.
I have a feeling Boris has left his Boris house and has ventured into the van, displacing Fido and Luis, who were lying on the big dog bed. Of the Small Dogs, only one appears to be stupid enough to still be out in the rain. We are presently up to 6.4mm including the 1mm which fell in the night and early this morning.
There was a little sun this afternoon but that didn’t last long. It was very pleasant whilst it did though.


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