Express train

When I first came to Grammeno in 2013, I recall comparing the sound of the sea to an express train. That train is back again tonight, as the wind is from the south, blowing the sea up the beach. The prevailing winds are from the north and the east.

A few spots of rain to start the day, in the early hours, but nothing to compare to the 7mm we had yesterday. This evening there will perhaps be some more rain later, but tomorrow we are looking forward to 12mm with a further 11mm on Wednesday. After the rain, it gets windy with gusts around 65km/h. It is winter so that’s just how it is.
Antonis came to talk to me about his proposed van holding up device. He explained some of the developmental processes and we agreed that the gap between the van and the awning was water tight but there were still some problems with the bolts where they come through the roof. The next plan is for him to give me his sealant gun so that I can simply seal the entire perimeter of the bracket and be done with it.
Greek Guy is still in residence and tells me he will be going back home on Saturday by plane from Chania airport. If he can get a job to raise some money, he may come back to work the greenhouse season from January. Greenhouse work is horrible so I think he would be crazy to do it, but then that is up to him.
I cooked up loads of rice for the dogs this evening so they have all had some chicken-flavoured rice for tea. Heidi has been put to bed for being noisy and the others are waiting for me to come down to put them to bed. That done, I can retire within.
As you will see from the weather summary you will receive later, it certainly is not cold as the present temperature is 20.2C – probably warmer than your living room.


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