Less than dry

It was dry this morning so our walk went fine. Rain was forecast for the morning but it didn’t arrive until the afternoon but came with a vengeance. Of the 4mm forecast, a mere 17.2mm fell in quite a short time. Some of the leaks, previously considered fixed, could not withstand the heavy rain so there was a little internal humidity. I will have a chat with Antonis to arrange for the speedy delivery of his sealant gun. On the whole, it was mostly fine.

The Small Dogs remained reasonable dry and had the good sense to go into their houses. Millie was extracted at the outset and went gladly into her penthouse suite. We had lots of rain, thunder and lightning so Boris was cowering under my chair shaking. He has now retired to his house which is situated under the van at the rear. He will be finding it on the cool side since the temperature is the lowest since the spring. I shall not be surprised to have a visitor before the night is out.
I fed them all at 17:00 whilst it is still light and the Small Dogs were in bed by 18:00 as I didn’t see the point in them standing around getting cold and wetter. Fortunately, Mickey now has a house too, so he has somewhere warm and dry to sleep.
I can hear the rain beginning to patter on the roof as the next lot comes in. You will see for yourself the weather conditions when you receive today’s weather summary. These are sent to you automatically so just say if you don’t want them anymore. Notice I have included imperial units for the metrically challenged.
Tomorrow promises more rain from midday onward with high winds in the evening. Something else to look forward to. But, it is winter.
Obi, laying on his blanket washing himself, can remember spending his winter nights in the storeroom with the other dogs. Now he can rest at ease as he hears Mickey barking somewhere in the camping. He has just come to snuggle up to me. What a creep!
The heating is on and before 1st December! What decadence!


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