Seriously horrid!

The temperature has dropped down below 10C and it is blowing and raining. The forecast is for winds gusting over 100km/h tonight, which is around 60mph. I have taken down the awning (great joy!) in the pouring rain. All the Small Dogs are in their beds and Boris is ‘sharing’ the bed with Luis and Fido. I didn’t feel he could easily survive in his house below 10C considering he is already wet.

Charlie had already taken himself to bed when I put Oskar in and there was not a lot of argument from the others. I turned Dave’s bed around and put a huge slab of expanded polystyrene under it so he should be ok. He’s inside so protected from rain and wind so long as it does not change direction.
The day started sunny but evolved into showers and progressively windy. We have done well up until now so I suppose I shouldn’t complain.
Antonis called and said he’d be here at 08:00 or 09:00 or something tomorrow to begin the preparation for the van support. I need to get him to tell me how much it’s going to cost as he seems to have omitted to have mentioned that bit. Hopefully, the van will not get blown away in the night and there is still something which will require supporting!
I’m slowly warming up as the fire is on and I have shut all the blinds down to keep out the weather. The van is rocking gently at present but I should imagine that will turn into a bucking bronco as the evening progresses. The rain is beating against the windows but the Internet connection had not failed and the power is still on. For now at least…


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