Wet and windy

Yesterday afternoon and evening were a bit of a struggle as the weather suddenly turned much colder. It was very wet and windy with gusts to 60mph or thereabouts, Beaufort 9. As it turns out, the awning would have survived that level of wind so could have saved myself the trouble of taking it down and putting it back up again. I can do it quite quickly now but it’s something I’d prefer to avoid.

Today the awning is up again and Antonis has been here digging as part of his van earthquake protection project. Lots of drilling and some concrete in the hole with loads of reinforcing. Tomorrow he says he will construct the frame which will hold up the van, lower the van onto it, and take away the blocks.

It’s fortunately sunny and bright although still cold. The wind is from the north, and cold. There is snow on the mountains as some of Antonis’ little friends went up in their 4x4s to play yesterday evening.

The Small Dogs are keen to be in the sun and are laying on the shower pallet enjoying the warmth. The Brown Dogs are inside, apart from Luis, who is under the awning with me. When the sun is shining and you are out of the wind, it is lovely and warm otherwise chilly. But it is winter.


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