Soggy Saturday

It rained a bit more during the afternoon and the sky has been generally quite black at times.

I wandered over for a shower to the main bathroom seeing as it was quite sunny earlier with the hope of hot water. Fortunately, there was some. Not hot, but warm enough for a comfortable shower.
Dave needed a walk so, between the showers, we set off with Millie in tow. She has been in her house outside under the decking due to the rain as there are insufficient houses to accommodate all the dogs within the compound.
Just in time we got back as more rain fell after which I fed them all and called it a day. The Small Dogs are still out but I have a feeling they might be putting themselves to bed before very long. Millie has been in hers since our return.
Boris has become a frequent visitor in the van since the other night when it turned cold and rained. He has been monopolising the large dog bed so the others have been reduced to sitting up the front of the van on some old towels. Earlier I removed the bed and put it under the awning to air and so I might sweep up inside. The sweeping never took place but the bed is still outside. I thought that if it was less inviting for Boris, he might confine himself to his house, leaving the Brown Dogs in peace. He doesn’t appear to be getting the message, however, Luis is curled up on the bed outside as I write and now joined by Fido. I’ll finish this glass of wine and then go put the Small Dogs to bed if they have not already put themselves to bed.
I think the night is going to be more showers and cool. If the forecast is correct, Wednesday is looking a bit damp, but that can all change between now and then.


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