No more room

I’m scrunched up on the rear bench of the van with Obi, Fido and Luis taking up most of the space. This is their way to avoid Boris who is at the front on the large dog bed.

The Small Dogs are in bed and it is just after 18:00. It is quite cold and windy outside so I saw no reason for them to be left out to freeze for another hour. Millie now rushes out of the gate and into her house, slamming the door behind her. In fact, she has quite a cushy number now that I have moved her up to the western end of the decking.
Antonis arrived this morning with jacks and shovel so that we could put the van on his new creation. He wasn’t quite sure how it would all pan out but we managed to work it out between us. We had quite an interesting conversation in which he said that he felt together we could do quite well. He has the technical experience and brawn whereas I have experience of problem-solving. After a bit of digging and jacking and generally messing about, we managed to get the frame in under the front axle and drop the van down onto it. There are some pictures which will eventually appear on your iPad. You may notice some blocks have been left in position as these may be needed to support the van body once we buy some hydraulic jacks from Chania. We need to take Dave to the vet for review and pick up the 14kg of food I bought the week before last. Antonis never went to Chania last week so it’s still sitting in the shop. The new jacks will be used to hold up the van body so that it does not rock about in the wind so much or move as one walks about. By means of the jacks, I can adjust the van so that it is level. Certainly, the front of the van will no longer sink into the sand as the new structure sits on reinforced concrete.
It was cloudy this morning but brightened up as the day progressed with a bit of sunshine allowing a tepid shower around 15:30 before the Dave walk. I cooked up more chicken and rice for Dave so they have all had some chicken-flavoured rice. I have run out of biscuits for Dave so the poor chap has to suffer chicken and rice morning and evening! Maybe we will go to Chania tomorrow or Wednesday but Antonis needs to be paid for jobs he has done in order to get the things he needs. Catch 22. He asked if I wanted him to build dog houses for me. I will probably give him the job as I think he’s scratching around for work as no one spends much money on the run-up to Christmas.
Still 21C inside the van thanks to the heat collected under the awning earlier.


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