Getting it together

I have been working hard to de-heap my van. Heaps built up during the summer period when I spent little time in the van. Now that the evenings are longer and colder, I spend more time inside, so have felt the need to de-heap. Added to that, the arrival of Boris as an extra nocturnal occupant of the van, it has become more important for the Brown Dogs to have space unencumbered by Boris. It seems that wherever they seem to want to be, so does Boris. However, they are none too keen on having Boris snuggle up with them. I have created free bench space, with old towels spread over the cushions, so that the Brown Dogs can sleep up there, out of reach of Boris. I ended up sharing the rear bench with three Brown Dogs last night which was a little cosy.

I have also taken down the green shade, in the Small Dog zone, put up during the summer, since shade is of very little importance at present, and moved the Heidi house back to the top of their compound where it is more sheltered by the green screening and the adjacent bushes and trees. She was moved down once Janne and Erica left so that her house would be in the shade and she would not be so near to any campers. There will not be any campers in the bit north of me until July.
Antonis called round to say that we are going to Chania to take Dave to the vet for his checkup leaving 08:00 Thursday. He is going to come back after to move blocks so that we can jack up the body of the van to make that finally stable. He is also going to weld my gate so that it only opens inwards and put on a plate for the electric lock. I can then get all of that operational before the inevitable arrival of the Albanians. He moves a full gas bottle onto the decking as they are too heavy for me to carry at the moment. I can change it over and just leave it outside the locker.
It has been sunny and warm today with temperatures in the awning tent of nearly 30C. I have been swanning about in only shorts, however I put on a shirt and fleece with hood to take Dave et al for his evening amble.
Nearly 5pm so I’m going to put on some long trousers and feed them all. Hopefully, they will then have an overwhelming desire to go into their houses so I can have the rest of the night off.

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