I don’t know were the day has gone

It is likely to be windy in the night so I decided I should check that all the elastic straps holding down the tent are present and tensioned. I decided to check a few other things as well. Certainly, the awning tent is a brilliant addition to the van and to my life generally. Sitting outside in the morning is very pleasant although the evenings are generally too chilly for that now. The best time is when there is sun together with a cold wind. It’s possible to feel warm inside the tent without freezing in the wind. Not that winter has really bitten much so far although, naturally, the trend is for temperatures to be falling. During the daytime, Boris and the Brown Dogs lie in the tent on the blankets I remove from the Small Dogs each morning. Otherwise, the Small Dogs amuse themselves by dragging their blankets out of their houses and around the compound.

The Small Dogs are quite lively this evening and Georgia’s have been rather vocal today. It’s difficult to keep my lot in order when hers are making a racket or when Mickey is marauding the camping. Mickey just wants someone to play with. Poor thing tries to have time with Minnie in the mornings but is constantly chased back to the camping when he’s discovered by the others. In the afternoons he tries to accompany us on the Dave walk. Even though I keep Luis and Fido on the lead, to begin with, Mickey still gets chased off by Millie and Obi, who are hardly a formidable pair. Sadly, Mickey always runs away which triggers the other dogs’ natural response to chase. Even a small insignificant little mutt can get Mickey running for cover.

The Small Dogs have barked one time too many so it’s off to bed for them and then I’m going in. Dave has a vet trip in the morning so I need to give him his jab early before his car journey as it works for two hours after you give it. I also need to get them out, walked and fed, all before 08:00 when Antonis arrives. It’s going to be a busy morning.


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