It’s been windy and it’s still windy

Last night was very windy and I was woken several times due to the noise and rocking of the van. The actual maximum gust was 60km/h this morning but it was blowing hard all night.

Since Antonis was arriving at 08:00, I got up at 06:00 to give Dave his jab and take the others for their walk. It was dark, cold and windy so I wasn’t too unhappy to be back by 07:30 to be able to feed them before leaving.
Antonis was on time so we set off across the mountains to fulfil out various tasks. He to get new brake pads for his car and me to the vet. Following the vet, we both wanted to go to the tool store: Antonis to get his bandsaw repaired and me to buy hydraulic jacks to support the van body. He then needed to get his father’s band saw blades fixed so we went to a workshop where the guy fixed them there and then. Elsewhere, things are simply thrown away however here there is less money hence a thriving market for people who can fix things which would normally be discarded.
Dave had the full workup at the vet. The new electrocardiograph as well as a set of bloods. All done in one place with results almost immediately. The electrocardiograph is very new so the vet needs a little time to learn how to use it and interpret the results. He could easily see that there was an abnormality so suggested Dave see a visiting cardiologist who will be there at the practice, next Thursday. Dave’s blood tests were generally good however his renal tests displayed a gradual decline, probably due to the Lasix which I inject to remove the fluid around his heart and lungs. The oral Lasix is more damaging than the injected kind which is why I do the injections. The vet has told me to administer the same dose but three times per day and give him a subcutaneous fluid drip of 200ml every day. The plan will be to do this until I go back next Thursday to have another blood test and a consultation with the cardiologist. The vet feels that he might be able to recommend a more effective and perhaps less destructive treatment. Certainl, Dave’s kidneys would give out by continuing the current course of treatment. I now know how to do a subcutaneous fluid drip and have all the equipment to be able to do it. I’m just glad that Dave is a patient patient that doesn’t mind having needles poked into him. He has definitely had his fair share today.
Unless I am mistaken, the wind has calmed so hopefully we’ll have a more peaceful night. It is cold due to the chilly north wind but inside the awning tent it was sunny and warm.
I was also pleased to be able to lift Dave onto the vet’s examination table without strain although Antonis insisted on coming to collect all the food and other clutter. Today’s vet bill, for consultation, electrocardiogram. blood tests, fluids, needles and drip came to 35€ (£30) although the cardiologist will be twice that next week.
Due to the inclement weather, the Small Dogs were put to bed shortly after their food so now I have the remainder of the day off.
I think I may have a glass of wine.


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