I washed the floor

And swept up first. I was contemplating the hoover but felt it was a bit over the top. The rear of the van remains tidy and clutter-free. Much as it appears in the photo I uploaded.

There have been few remarkable incidents today. The customer who arrived last night appeared looking for a chair so that he could sit down to play guitar. He was in Paleochora last night but decided to come to Grammeno for the night. He came from Chania although, originally from Patras. We agreed that Patras is uninspiring and that the only real reason for knowing of it is the port which I have frequented fairly often over the years. He has since left to return to Chania I can only assume.
I brushed the Small Dogs and the Brown Dogs today. The Small Dogs had not really been thoroughly brushed in the past however I discovered that Heidi and Oskar have the thickest coats and that Oskar cannot really get enough of having his coat brushed. Heidi is less enthusiastic. The Small Dog compound is now knee-deep in dog hairs as well as those from the Brown Dogs who have far less fur.
In the evening walk, we encountered the nice ladies who regularly collect the plant leaves on the promontory. Millie serenaded them and the others made a fuss of them. I updated the ladies on the number of dogs remaining. I can have quite a reasonable conversation in Greek about dogs.
It has been warm and sunny all day and I have been wearing only shorts for the middle of the day and am still wearing them but with more insulation on my top half. The weather promises to be a little changeable over the next week. Hardly surprising as we approach the middle of December. The cold, wet winter, two years ago started to go downhill after Christmas Day and didn’t really sort itself out until the end of March. If we have a repeat performance this winter, at least I am better prepared to survive it.
At 18:15 all dogs are fed, Small Dogs tucked up for the night, not emerging until 06:30 tomorrow.
Time for a glass of wine!


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