I think we just had Monday

Fortunately, it started off nicely so we got a dry walk this morning and I was able to get to the supermarket before the rain started to fall. By the afternoon 11.8mm (1/2″) had fallen. Millie scrambled into her house outside the compound as soon as I opened the gate and, later, Oskar stood dripping for no apparent reason. You would think that with three dogs and three houses, they would be able to manage to sort themselves out. Oskar is again sitting on the bed in front of me in the tent as we have had another heavy downpour which has been approaching from the southwest for a while.

Once this passes over I’ll feed them, then they can all go to bed.
Dave continues his fluids treatment, although a little later today as I got sidetracked by a bit of IT support for EG. This evening I decided to take all of the Small Dogs and the Brown Dogs on the Dave walk, leaving just Boris home alone. Defending the compound against all-comers. Fortunately, we got back before the downpour. From the outset, Minnie was with her boyfriend Micky so we saw nothing more of her until back at the camping. She was a good girl and came back with the others and even straight back into the compound when called.
Antonis came briefly on his way to his workshop to drop off some change from the dog food he brought the other day. He is going to build a dog house for Dave out of insulated board. It will be the prototype for a couple more as the wire cages with waterproof material over the top are not really suitable. With decent, waterproof houses capable of keeping them warm, there is no reason why they should not stay outside even when it’s cold.
Oskar just got a telling off for trying to disembowel the dog bed which already has a hole, thanks to Boris digging at it. The Brown Dogs can all sleep together on one bed and don’t seem to have the need to dig it up and make holes in it. Oskar is very quiet now…
The rain appears to have stopped, and the sky is beginning to clear, so I will venture out and feed the Small Dogs before there is more rain.


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