More rain

It rained before and after midnight. Only a couple of mm on each occasion but quite hard, as I could see that stones and other material had been washed down onto the road as I went to buy my bread this morning. I went twice, as I got halfway there to find I had forgotten to bring any money, so had to go back.

The sky turned black, so we had another downpour, sufficient to warrant Millie going into her house and Oskar into the tent. Oskar was happy to be there with the ‘big’ dogs and enjoyed his time without the other Small Dogs. Finally the sun came out so he was able to return to the compound, however, Millie preferred the solitude of her house or the freedom of the outer compound. She is capable of being left unsupervised without causing excessive damage to the surroundings.
Millie’s barking announced the arrival of Antonis with a new house for Dave. Antonis had a load of insulated panel, a sandwich of expanded polystyrene foam bonded between two sheets of metal. He constructed an inner frame of square tube then screwed the board to the frame. The house is huge and the panel very thick, so Dave will enjoy warm nights this winter. He was in the house even before it was in position and seems to like it very much. Hopefully, he will not drag his bed out into the storeroom for me to put back when I go for my last look around before bed. Antonis wanted to charge me €30 for the house, however, I gave him €40 and would happily have paid €50. As you can imagine, the house is capable of withstanding a nuclear attack and the severest earthquake.
The sun heated the water enough for a reasonable shower and then we went out for the evening jaunt, all except Boris. It was still sunny, albeit a bit cloudy with a chilly wind, however, Dave appeared to enjoy his walk which is the main thing. The Small Dogs played and chased each other about as we meandered slowly up the promontory. Dave seems to be easily capable of going right to the end and back without sitting down or stopping. More than I can manage.
The forecast is for strong winds in the early hours so I have put most things away and fastened down the sheets over the dog houses Soon Heidi will have a new house as Antonis has enough panel to build one more.
The heating is one, the Brown Dogs are asleep on the bench and Boris on his big bed at the front. Domestic bliss!


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