Weather and all that

We are having lots of weather at present. It is not raining anymore, just cold and windy.

Antonis delivered a new dog house today and modified another to make it warmer and more comfortable. Only Charlie sees to have got the idea and been brave enough to go in, the others are hanging about outside, wondering what to do. I reckon that if I leave them out there long enough in the cold and dark, they will make a decision.

I will upload a picture of the new house. Dave seems to love his as it’s quite hard to get him to come out.

Naturally, on the coldest day so far, the gas bottle has run out. The new one is standing ready to connect, I just have to go out and do it. There is still a little gas so it seems a pity to waste it.

Dave is going to see the cardiologist tomorrow in Chania, so we will leave at 08:00. We’ll need to be out bright and early if I am to walk and feed them before we leave.

I think they are getting fed up being out in the cold and dark as Heidi is barking. She will find herself tied to a tree somewhere if she does that for long.


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