Windy but sunny

Yesterday was cold, windy and generally unappealing. Today has been warmer, slightly less windy and sunny. I was not able to sit in the awning tent yesterday as it was far too cold for sitting around. Today, I have been out there all day until it was time for a shower and then to go on the Dave walk. It was very pleasant this evening despite the temperature and the wind. Dave enjoyed his walk and the others dashed around as usual.

Other excitements include Georgia’s pickup which, if I am not mistaken, looks as though it has been repaired. It was used around the camping during the summer of 2014 and got a bit bashed about due to the carelessness of some of the lads working here. Not bad really as it is only two years later.
The Kronoborg has been moored since yesterday afternoon in the bay to the east of the promontory. The vessel flies the flag of Tuvalu which was the Ellice Islands and is in the southwest Pacific. It is very wet there with an annual rainfall around 3,500mm. Here we have around 350mm annually and almost none from April to October. Tuvalu is a member of the Commonwealth and not a lot goes on out there. But they have Internet access, so it can’t be all bad. Temperatures around 30C but lots of rain which comes in lumps from November to February.
I’m sure you are now feeling suitably enlightened and can amaze your friends with a scintillating conversation about Tuvalu.


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