Dave’s medication has arrived

If I’m not too late, and you haven’t ‘gorn orf’, I’m not sure of the picture to which you refer – small boy looking out to sea.

You will be pleased to hear that I have paid back the €1 owing at the supermarket yesterday due to them not having sufficient change for my €50 note. Unlike UK, where presenting a £50 note causes fear and trepidation at the thought of it being forged, a €50 note is nothing out of the ordinary. Produce a €200 note and there may be a reaction. Anyway, my debt with the supermarket has been settled.

I decided to do some washing this morning, consequently the sky clouded over and it began to look like rain. I was getting a bit of a backlog so wanted to get some of it out of the way. In summer, it’s a simple task to dry several batches of washing in a day. In winter, it is less easy. However, the sheet I washed this morning is on the bed this evening. Huge excitement – clean sheets! And it’s not even time for the Spring Bed!

After tomorrow, it’s all downhill to summer, for tomorrow is the Shortest Day of the Year, the Winter Solstice. Looking at my weather website you may note that the actual time for the solstice is 12:44 tomorrow. I trust you will be bold enough to raise a glass to celebrate.

The dogs made the most of the sunshine and Millie spent the bulk of her time in the outer compound having ‘escaped’ when I opened the gate to let out Fido. He loves to come into the Small Dog compound and indeed Boris was in there too this evening. Dave has been in there too but I think he finds them to be a bit annoying, so doesn’t wish to stay long.

I’m finding it increasingly hard to sit down in the evenings. I leave Boris, Luis, Fido and Obi in the van whilst I put the Small Dogs to bed. By the time I get in, there is little space left for me to sit down. They now know that I will sit where I wish so I simply slowly put myself down leaving them to take the necessary avoiding action.

Dave seems to be responding to the changes in his medication and had one of his alternate day 200ml drips today. He seems to like the Vetmedin which Antonis brought yesterday morning. No problem getting him to take them. He enjoyed his walk and appears to have a renewed appetite. At present he is getting the special diet now that I am able to buy it at a reasonably sensible price in large, 14kg bags.

I think I need to put some food together and perhaps a glass of wine.




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