Cable repair

You are not the only ones to be having a cold, grey day. Mine is also windy. I’ve had the heating on for most of the day and only the Small Dogs have been outside playing. Except during the short spell of rain earlier when they were all in their houses
For some reason there is no Internet connection so my only contact with the outside world is via my phone which uses another system. Even though I have a nice new shiny phone, the keyboard is still somewhat small for writing long screeds.
My cable between the storeroom and the office is faulty so my Internet connection has been slowing down for sometime. The day I went to hospital there was a very strong wind, over 83km/h and the cable caught in the tree. Unlike the Phantom Violinist of Kilimani, I think the cable was damaged. I’ve asked Antonis if I can borrow his ladders to get on the storeroom roof. Now that the van is in its new position I can no longer climb into the van roof and from there onto the storeroom roof. I’ve not heard from Antonis since Monday morning so assume he’s been busy.
Tomorrow’s forecast is for some rain so we have that to look forward to.
Today is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. From here, it’s downhill to summer!


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