More rain

He’s probably got bored and gone home by now. Or, as you say, been washed out to sea.
Here it is showery and I’ve been wet only twice so far today. Antonis brought his ladder so I can fix my Internet cable and took me to the supermarket. Don’t feel like fixing the cable in the rain so will wait until it stops.
Not only is it raining but it is grey and cold [for Crete]. I’m sitting outside in the tent with the rain pattering down on the awning above. Obi, sensible dog, is inside in front of the fire. Luis, Fido and Boris are outside in the tent with me. It’s not warm outside so I may adjourn within.
Browsing my collection of ancient movies last night, I watched Day of the Jackal which you may remember. Mostly filmed in France with some interesting 70s Paris street scenes of Liberation Day. DeGaulle was not assassinated although I think it may have bothered him more than me had he have been. I was never very keen on DeGaulle, particularly as president.
The rain continues overhead: Boris snores from his bed; Fido and Luis curled up together on an old purple bath mat perhaps wishing they were inside with Obi.
I’m going inside too!


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