Holiday, what holiday?

The UK was probably heaving with shoppers out to save themselves a few pennies in the post-Christmas sales. I was not expecting much to happen until Antonis showed up asking if I wanted him to work today. Together we set up jacks under the van, welded the electronic lock to the gate and welded a bar across the bottom of the gate to prevent dogs from digging under it. He shoved off around 14:20 and will reappear tomorrow morning at 08:00 to take Dave and me to Chania for his blood tests and routine assessment. Antonis needs to get some stuff in Chania also.

I have been levelling up the van as it is quite a while since it was set up initially and it had settled a bit. There will still be some initial settlement but this can be dealt with by adjusting the hydraulic jacks.
This evening’s Dave walk was sunny and pleasant. There were even people out in their cars and walking about. No one on the promontory fortunately so an uneventful walk. Minnie didn’t come back at the end but came racing up as we were approaching the gates to the camping. I put her on her lead and off we went. Her little boyfriend was not about this afternoon or at least I didn’t see him. She also knows not to go AWOL close to teatime.
Tomorrow evening Erica and Janne arrive for the New Year. They are staying until 7 January. Georgia and Maria appear to have left as both cars were gone when we came back for our evening walk. I do not know whether they will be back for New Year but it seems likely if Erica and Janne are here.


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