Dave’s visit to Chania

I’ve recently returned from the vet visit in Chania.
Dave is more stable and his kidney function has improved. He has a low white count so needs some vitamin B complex to improve that. I’ve stocked up with everything, so do not need to return to the vet until end of January, assuming no change. The vet reminded me that Dave is not cured, just not symptomatic. With all things heart-related, he could just keel over at any time. I said I realised this and so long as Dave has a good quality of life, we keep going as we are.
I took the opportunity to get some more dog food as we passed Petrakis in Paleochora. There was a pallet out front so Antonis simply pulled up in front of it and loaded in two bags. Now that I have reliable supplies, there’s no need to buy the same volume as last year. Antonis comes past every day so can bring me food very quickly.
At present, the sun is shining, and I’m sitting out under the awning feeling quite warm.
I’m sitting in the sun


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