Happy New Year!

I suppose you have been recovering all day from the wild parties at Greyfriars’ last night. I’m sure it was all go and a non-stop riotous evening.

I was invited to Georgia and Maria along with her mother, Martha; Manolis, her brother, and two children, not sure where his wife is; Manolis and Lisa, who are friends and have a caravan on the camping and Erika and Janne. We were invited for 22:00, had loads of food. Martha filled me up as she thinks I’m wasting away, we sent off lantern balloons over the sea, had cake and went forth to our various caravans. I sat up to see the UK New Year in with Ursula, who has got a nasty cold. Anne, the friend who came to Crete twice last year when they came, was with them too. I went to bed around 02:15 (EET) and it started to rain shorty after. The Boris smelly duvet left out to dry was sodden again so has been on the line all day. This time I have taken it in.
The day started off cloudy but got better and sunnier. I decided I wanted to sort out some more leaks, especially the one on the windscreen which soaked Boris’ bed by running down the floor. The sealant surrounding the screen rubber was all adrift and sodden so I dried it out, removed the old sealant and inserted loads of new sealant. It was a bit of a hurried job because I looked up to see a huge black cloud and didn’t want to be caught with my pants down.
The forecast for next week looks like this:
As you can see, it’s all about rain and lots of it. Some 92mm (4″) of it.
The week will be fun…not
The evening Dave walk went well, it was sunny but Minnie disappeared as usual at the end. She appeared, as I was going back with the others, but then went to look for her little boyfriend. Meanwhile, I fed the others and put them all to bed. Having done everything else, I went looking for her and she raced up to me before going onto the beach. I called her and she came, so I put her on the lead and took her back. No food and sleeping the night alone on one of the wire cages covered with only thin waterproof material. Tomorrow, she will not be let off the lead and we’ll see where we go from there.
Time for some food for myself and perhaps a glass of wine.


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