More rain!

According to the earlier forecast over 116mm (4 1/2″) rain is due to fall by the end of the week. Today was supposed to be dry but it rained this morning and again just now.

Fortunately, my bodged windscreen repair has held up and no water came in so far. Hopefully, it will survive the next few days.
The periods of sun were very pleasant and we managed a virtually dry Dave walk at the end of the day. Minnie was very attentive at coming back at the end having been too late for supper and having to sleep in the cage on her own last night. Charlie was less punctual and insisted on staying outside the main compound when we returned. I fed the other Small Dogs and put them to bed, he watched me feed Dave and put Millie to bed but still didn’t come into the compound. When he finally decided to come back in he found no food and was condemned to sleeping alone in the thinly-covered cage rather than the newly refurbished house he usually shares with Oskar. Perhaps he will be a little more keen to come back after tomorrow’s excursion.
Surrounded by dogs, the farts are killing me so I’m going to light a dozen incense sticks and get something to eat.


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