Getting ready

I just spent 30 minutes or so writing an email and suddenly all the content disappeared. Golly, that’s annoying!
Here are the highlights:
It rained last night and again early this morning although sunny for most of the day.
I went to the supermarket and bought food so I don’t have to go there when it’s raining. The forecast still shows around 100mm (4″) over the next few days.
Minnie has gone off with her little boyfriend again. I walked to the beach and back and didn’t see her so she can spend some time out in the real world enjoying the rain. There is Dave in his huge house in the storeroom or perhaps her little boyfriend will be happy to share his food.
A nice email from Paul Baker who went on the French school trips in the time of Sue. His boys are all grown up, married and have produced grandchildren. There is a photo of the entire family. Mary, Paul’s wife, has Parkinson’s but he says she is coping well despite it.
Barclays inform me they have posted a replacement card which should arrive within the next few days.
The rain patters on the roof but my temporary windscreen repairs appear to be holding up.


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