More wetness

It has been wet for several days and is still wet. It will also be wet tomorrow too and probably for much of next week if the forecast is correct. The amount of rain that has fallen has been nothing like that which was forecast which is a good thing. I’m just getting fed up with wet sand, wet dogs, wet trees and all things wet. Janne and Erica have started on their journey home today although their plane leaves tomorrow morning. They are staying over in Chania tonight so that they do not have to travel early in the morning. At least with their departure, I do not need to worry too much about the Small Dogs barking. The Small Dogs are pretty fed up since they all live outside and get wet quite a lot. They can either be cold and wet outside or go into their houses. The other dogs are fine as they just go into the van and sleep. Especially now that they have their nice new dog beds to lay on.

I don’t recall the name Julian Fane but I’m sure it is some sort of gift from a grateful admirer.
I will call you on Saturday at 15:30 (17:30 EET)


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