Another day of showers with not a lot of sunny intervals. Despite this, I have managed to get two machine loads washed and mostly dry.

The morning started wet so departure for the walk was delayed until the rain stopped. Consequently, the walk was mostly dry albeit a little shorter than usual.
I cycled slowly to the supermarket to avoid the water from the road splashing up all over me and was delighted by the courtesy of those in cars passing by who gave me a wide berth to avoid drowning me. Purchases today included more washing liquid in anticipation of the machine freedom, the usual bread and some interesting sauces to go with some brown spaghetti later. Georgia, on the till commented that I would be eating pasta tonight whereupon I agreed. Nothing is secret here.
I’d put on the water heater but the German guy told me, on his return from the shower, that the water was not particularly hot. I put the heater on again later so that I could get a hot shower and I knew that his wife wanted one too. I’ve not seen the people from the rooms for a little while.
The annoying rain and hail showers continued throughout the day and we barely returned from the evening walk in time. I make sure to keep my eye on the approaching clouds which currently come from the west. West = rain in winter. At one point earlier, there were a couple of thunder claps and a particularly black sky overhead. I brought in the sheets hanging on the line and listened to the sound of the hail as it bounced off the poly tunnels (greenhouses) in the distance. A bit like the sound of the Zulus beating their spears on their shields before battle. Moments later, the hail was bashing down on the awning as it bounced off the wooden decking. Little piles were left once the storm passed a few minutes later. There is more rain tonight and more thunder on the horizon – literally. EUMETNET has three warnings for Crete: Low temperatures, Snow and Ice, and thunderstorms. We only need high winds and an earthquake and we have a full house!
Regardless of the weather, the German couple decided to stay on yet another extra night and the man came to my compound to pay me. They were only staying one night. They love to see the dogs and make a great fuss of them as we pass by. They have only a small caravan for the two of them but then that means there is less for them to heat. The wife speaks much better English than her partner.
The weather forecast changes almost hourly due to the unpredictability of the weather. Even looking at the clouds is not a sure way to keep track of it. Tomorrow will bring a chance of a further 4mm followed perhaps by some nicer weather before the next few days of rain. At least the temperature is rising so the rain will be a bit warmer!
I managed to get all the soggy doggies tucked up in bed before 18:00 so look forward to a peaceful evening. Hopefully, Charlie and Oskar have come to some arrangement following their falling out on this morning’s walk. I could see it building up for a while. Boris was dying to get involved when pandemonium broke out but I called him back each time. There was fur flying, a little blood and some limping, but they have hopefully got it out of their system. They have to do this occasionally as they reassert their position in the pack. Previously Oskar was not very assertive. Now he seems much more sure of himself.
Time for grub and grog!


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