The Eagle has landed!

The replacement debit card arrived this morning and was stuck under the door in reception when I went up there to check. Thanks for sending it so promptly. I have already made a purchase so the company will be happy that I have received it and used it.

The German couple left today but came to see me before then departed. They donated 20kg dog food in the form of a €20 note. They also handed me some old bread which they had carefully cut into dog-sized cubes. It transpires that he is 80 and she 75. He still enjoys ski walking in the mountains. And still riding their off-road bike and sleeping in the back of their pickup in winter conditions. They know another couple who were here in the autumn and were told to watch out for the English guy with the dogs.
Following a little rain earlier it is now lovely and sunny. The decking has dried off and Boris is flat out on his bed snoozing in the sun under the awning. The Small Dogs are also sleeping in the sun which means a little peace for a few minutes. I think the Brown Dogs are inside the van snuggled up on their beds – lightweights!
Last night I watched the final part of season one of Foyle’s War. I don’t know if you have seen the series but it follows the cases of a wartime detective as he solves cases. Last night’s episode had Michael Kitchen as Foyle, Robert Hardy and Edward Fox. I acquired the set, however episode one was missing but I downloaded and watched it yesterday. It would have been more helpful to have seen the episodes in order.
The inside of the awning looks like a Chinese laundry with some of my clothes hanging up to dry. I got so fed up with the showers yesterday as there was no point in putting anything on the line outside. More kit is hanging on the line inside the storeroom however stuff has been stacked awkwardly making it difficult. One of the advantages of Dennis and I stacking it last year was that it all ended up so that I had plenty of room for dogs and my stuff. This time it has not been done very efficiently.
I was in the loo when the German couple came to say goodbye so couldn’t understand why the dogs were making such as racket. We chatted for a while exchanging experience of our time in Greece. They chuckled when I described how all the rubbish, which had been in the storeroom, was dragged out and simply dumped outside by the door. And there it has remained since October when the great clear out took place. Last year, Dennis and I cleared the area completely so there was not a single item laying around. Now it looks like something out of Steptoe and Son. The workshop is just the same with stuff scattered everywhere. I am certainly not the tidiest and most organised person in the world however I appear organised and tidy by comparison.
The sun has gone back behind the clouds. The wind is from the south, so the sea is a bit noisy again. It’s not meant to rain again today. We’ll see…


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