Fido is hiding

Boris takes the opportunity to get up onto the Brown Dogs beds during the day: assuming they are not occupying them. Today has been a mixture of showers and sunny intervals, however, the intervals have been much longer than the showers, so the Brown Dogs have been mostly outside The bed consequently was in a muddle, so I picked it up and simply put it down where Fido was lying. Over the top of him, thinking he would immediately come out. Obi has since appeared, now that I have my laptop out, and seems oblivious to the fact that Fido remains under the blanket. Luis, meanwhile, has the largest cover all to himself. Boris is getting ready for the forthcoming hot air from the heater. He is also keeping an eye on the savoury biscuits I am enjoying with my evening aperitif.

Janne phoned last night to say that he’d bought a new VPN router so that he can watch Swedish TV whilst at Grammeno. Today he called around 10:00 so I spent most of the morning fiddling with that. I was able to connect to the Swedish TV service, via the router, however, it was not terribly reliable because of the slow connection at this end. Janne and Erica come back in April for Easter so hopefully, the new, faster broadband will have been activated by then. But then again, this is Greece.
I walked to the supermarket this morning as it looked like rain again and the road was already wet. I broke into a bit of a sweat at one point as I found myself rather overdressed now that the weather is milder. I think even the tomato growers agree that there has been enough rain. They will be unhappy that the wind is from the south since this is generally moister and may bring unpleasantnesses to the tomatoes.
The camping router decided to have a bad day this morning so I went to the office to restart it. Whilst there, a guy in a pickup pulled up outside the office asking if I’d seen his dog. We discussed the dog and he gave me his phone number in case I should see it and showed me a picture of it. I mentioned that I had ten dogs. He replied that he had twelve. So there!
This afternoon I have been amusing myself preparing Matthew’s accounts for his tax return. I have him fairly well trained now so he has one account and card for all things business and another for his personal purchases. Most of the time. We have an arrangement whereby I do his accounts and he manages any problems with the flat.
Fido’s head is now protruding from under the blanket and he appears perfectly satisfied with the arrangement.


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