The sun shone all day!

The sun shone virtually all day. I didn’t need to turn on the heater to have a hot shower so Georgia will be pleased that she saved money on the electricity.

The bad news is that the next few days are likely to be wet.
Last night there were ructions between Oskar and Charlie. Oskar has started to become quite dominant and sometimes a little aggressive. Charlie is more than capable of holding his own however their house is too small for them to share comfortably. Consequently, I decided to bring in the larger wire cage and put Millie in there, giving Charlie the smaller house as he is smaller. Hopefully, we will have a peaceful night. Charlie is in the storeroom with Dave and Millie so will not have to worry about the rain. Oskar, on his own outside, might struggle a bit in very cold weather. I have purchased a min/max thermometer so that I can monitor the temperature inside the storeroom and inside the houses should there be more very cold weather.
At present, it is warm due to the southerly air flow. With uninterrupted sunshine today, I had to remove garments in order to remain comfortable whilst working on Matthew’s accounts. It was very pleasant to be able to sit outside without having to be swathed in multiple layers of clothes. It should still be warm tomorrow, just wet.
I will be speaking to you tomorrow and I’m beginning to feel a little peckish.

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