Surprise it’s raining again!

After our conversation, Matthew called. We talked about his accounts and I’ve given him homework to complete by Tuesday.

Matthew’s fifty next month. I remember teaching him in the Lomas Building at Priory.
Just as I had the dogs ready to go out on their walk, the rain started. The Brown Dogs, Dave and I sheltered in the storeroom as I could see it would pass fairly quickly.
I let them all go once we were on the beach in case we needed to curtail the walk. Keeping a close eye on the weather, we had a slightly shorter walk and returned to the camping. I fed them, put Millie and Charlie to bed first, then the others. I fed Dave and went back into the van. Shortly after there was a clap of thunder and down came the rain. It has been on and off ever since. Not particularly hard but persistent nevertheless.
According to the forecast, tomorrow and the two following days could be wet too.
The Brown dogs are flat out although Obi is participating in a particularly invigorating dream since I can see his paws twitching and he lets out little yelps occasionally.
Boris is snoring in front of the hot air outlet on the floor.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll start on my own accounts


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