The cormorant is in sales

Matthew is the builder and cupboard man. Sophie is going out with Russell. I know Russell’s father as he was at Priory too.

As I mentioned yesterday, I think the cormorant is in sales so travels a lot. Perhaps it is a regular area for him and he’ll come back.
It’s not raining now and I have cleaned my gas hob and sink. I have removed all the rubbish which built up on the counter where the hob and sink are. I think it will only be a matter of time before the stuff starts to creep back. Any flat surface attracts stuff. Especially in a van where there are not that many places to put stuff. The counter remains clear when one is travelling otherwise everything falls on the floor at the first bump or corner. It’s a bit of a long time since I did any travelling. I have not piloted a motorised vehicle since June 2014. Perhaps I have forgotten.
Whilst doing my cleaning I was playing music through my new speaker system. The subwoofer certainly makes a difference and I could feel the bass through my feet. The Brown Dogs didn’t seem to object as they all stayed inside. The Small Dogs barked at the bass but then they do this at night if I have the volume up loud and someone screams on the programme I’m watching.
I’m not sure that we’re going to get a walk later as the forecast shows rain beginning at 15:00. Some 30mm (1″+) but these predictions as to quantity are often wildly out. There are enough puddles already now that the ground is wet. The Small Dog enclosure becomes flooded quite quickly following only a little precipitation. They seem to cope and are all sleeping peacefully in the extremely subdued sun which manages to penetrate the clouds. The sky is 8/8 and there is very little wind. Earlier the cups on the anemometer were still. I was up on the roof wiring the reinforcing rods together that support the pole on which the anemometer lives. The brilliantly designed creation involving cable ties disintegrated in the sun so now I have tied the reinforcing rods together with wire so that they act as one and the anemometer doesn’t flap about in the breeze so much. I might go mad and ask Antonis to make me a pole for the anemometer that can be fixed to the concrete roof of the storeroom.
At least it’s warm enough to sit outside under the awning in the tent.


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