I’m outside!

At 18:00 I am outside writing this email. It’s not hot, but then again, I’m not huddled around the heater in the van.

Another showery day with some heavier rain during the night. One of the showers was quite heavy too. Unlike yesterday, we managed a proper evening walk although I was keeping a close eye on some distant rain. Fortunately, all of the dogs came back at the end of the walk, except Minnie, who dutifully appeared at the gate just as I was shepherding in the others.
Manos, who was working at Grammeno during the summer, sent an email today. He recalled my dislike for cold weather so was thinking of me during the recent cold spell. I don’t think he has managed to find any work yet but then that is not at all unusual for Greece, especially the islands out of season. I feel sure he will pick something up in the next couple of months.
Antonis brought some more hypodermic needles for Dave’s injections this morning. He said he exhausted the entire stock of 18 and 23 gauge needles in the chemist. The problem with needles is that they come in so many different gauges and lengths, it’s difficult to have plenty of stock of everything. A bit like shoes really. Antonis gave me a lift to the supermarket and I walked back. I didn’t fancy cycling as I didn’t have much to carry and the road was very wet due to the earlier rain. It floods easier now that the ground is so wet.
It seems as though I got the timing about right as the rain is now pattering on the awning above my head. Unfortunately, the temperature will now drop so I’ll probably have to go in quite soon. Unless I have developed an eye defect, there are flashes of light reflected in the van windows and the awning sides. It seems there will be some more thunder again tonight. Boris appears to have become almost inured to the thunder as it is only when it is very sudden, very loud and overhead that he seems to take any notice.
Maria told me she would be going back to Chania this evening when she came to take the office keys from me yesterday. She was limping as she had twisted her ankle whilst getting out of a pickup in Paleochora. She was going to buy cigarettes. I commented that smoking can also have an adverse effect on your ability to walk. Strange that Maria has not stopped smoking even though Georgia has. The office still smells of stale tobacco and each time she finds I have evicted the ashtray and stuck it out on top of the fire house cabinet outside.
The rain continues, the dogs are quiet and hopefully dry within their houses. Only three are outside now as two are in the storeroom with Dave. Their cages are standing on think polystyrene sheets left over from the kitchen project which began almost two years ago. The rain is harder and I think I’m going to take this as a queue to go inside for some food.

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