Sunny and warm

Today is sunny and warm. I managed to wash all my clothes yesterday evening and hang them up in the storeroom or under the awning. All but the jeans and fleece were dry this morning. I put all my bedding in the washing machine at 07:00 and it was hanging out on the line by 09:15, and I’d been to the supermarket too.

Hopefully, Henry has been looking after you and making sure you get back to the flat ok. How often does he take you out for a walk each day?
I’m sure you are not missing the freezing conditions of the ‘Fitzroy Winter’ too much. Walking from the front of the house into the Octagon Room in the depths of winter was never a pleasurable exercise. I bet you won’t miss the huge heating bills either!
We were out a little earlier this morning as it was a clear sky so appeared lighter earlier. The sunrise is now starting to get earlier every day and the sun is changing angle so slowly edging its way back towards Paleochora  to its Spring and Summer position behind the mountains. I will miss the sun rising over the sea as it is very attractive. When behind the mountains, we have to wait longer to feel the warmth in the early mornings. You can keep track of the sunrise and sunset times in the daily weather summary you receive each evening.
I suppose I’d better do something useful like have some breakfast.


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