We got wet!

Clouds appeared around evening walking time but I chose to ignore them. Just as we were across the beach from the camping entrance, during the outbound leg of the walk, the rain started and then intensified. I’d decided to wear my windproof, but no longer waterproof, jacket and no waterproof trousers. Consequently, the rain seeped through to my clothes below and the backs of my trousers stuck to my legs. Hurrah! The dogs were wet too but only superficially as far as the Small Dogs were concerned as their coats are so dense.

By the time we were back and they’d been fed, I was fairly dry although I put on the van heating anyway. Minnie was absent after to walk so was left out until around 22:30 when I started to get ready for bed. I’d heard her around through the evening, barking and inciting the others to join in, but chose to ignore her. I wandered out to use the loo on the other side of the storeroom and was soon joined by Minnie. She seemed very pleased to see me. I allowed her to eat the remaining biscuits left by the Brown Dogs but did not wish to disturb the other Small Dogs by putting her back into their compound. I therefore left her to choose where she slept, either in the igloo kennel under the rear of the van or on the decking. I eventually shoved her into the other compound around 06:00 as she had been noisily gnawing a bone on the decking outside the van.
Today has been cooler with a northerly wind. It’s not been windy for a while so one shouldn’t complain. I didn’t put on socks and boots this morning for the walk or the ride to the supermarket and felt it was a bit cold without. Inside the awning, sheltered from the wind, the temperature was around 20C, so perfectly comfortable. One of those days where it’s sunny but far too windy and cold to be sitting outside unprotected.
Thanks to the sun, there should be plenty of hot water so I plan to go for a shower before the evening walk. Previously, I used to shower after the walk when it was dark but the bathroom is even colder then than during daylight. With plenty of blue sky, I hope we will be safe from rain showers this evening.


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