This evening I am very tired as I have been digging all day. The ground between the storeroom and the van is quite difficult in places. I needed to bury the electric cable deep enough so it would not get damaged. Not that it matters much as I know where it is. I dug the trench using the gardening trowel from the €1 shop. I may need to consider investing another €1 on a replacement.

Apart from a support call from Intersport in Seaford and a brief visit from Antonis, I have been on the cabling job all day. I finally finished around 17:00 and have managed to activate the entire length from the control in the workshop right to the van. The overhead cable is disconnected and taken down. My makeshift temporary waterproof junction on the storeroom roof was full of water so how it didn’t short out the circuit, I’ll never know. That arrangement was put up when I moved the van before last summer. It was intended to last until the winter but didn’t go wrong, so was left alone until now.
The evening walk was a little later than usual and I performed my ablutions after they were put to bed.
The weather forecast is rain from 19:00 until tomorrow morning with 19mm precipitation forecast. It is 19:07 and the rain is already belting down. I bet the doggies in the storeroom are pleased they are there and not outside.
I think I will now fall into a heap!


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