Thunder and lightning

Referring to your previous:

If I am able to write emails as well as you, in my ninetieth year, I should be very happy.

I am quite aware of the ageing process and have been for some years. I find it most obvious when I try to do manual work such as digging or the like. My body tells me in no uncertain terms that I am not as young as I used to be.
The rain is hammering down on the awning tent. I am sitting outside whereas the Brown Dogs and Boris are inside. Millie is exploring the wonders under the van, in the dry. She was not able to find a place to go, out of the rain, so was sitting looking bedraggled in the Small Dog Compound: I released her into the outer compound.
I have spoken to Edward, who is hoping to open a bank account for me at the Bank of Ireland. This will enable me to change pounds into Euros when the rate is good as well as take money from the ATM in Greece without having to pay any charges. There is a branch in High Street Antrim which is on the way from Belfast Airport to Bushmills, where they are staying. There is also a main branch in Belfast if he has no luck in Antrim.
The rain now has a musical accompaniment in form of lightning. So far only Fido has barked and not Boris yet. The Small Dogs are sheltering in their respective houses so should be dry. Millie is still amusing herself under the van.
Dave was barking but has given in as the thunder has drowned him out.
Our evening walk is beginning to look unlikely if the current weather conditions persist. Boris is now trying to hide under my chair as the thunder approaches.


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