We went despite the weather

Sounds like a perfect UK winter day. I knew there was a reason why I prefer to live in Crete!

We had rain yesterday, during the night and early morning. It was miserable and cloudy, however, the sky is now perfectly blue, the sun shining and my washing drying outside on the line.
I’ve just had to rescue Boris from the Brown Dogs. I didn’t see what started it off as I was outside at the time. Fido can be very tenacious when it comes to trying to bite off Boris’ ear. I had to apply quite a lot of pressure to get him to let go. I then had to have a bit of a conversation with Fido as he wasn’t about to let sleeping dogs lie. Between Luis and Fido, I think Boris took most of the incoming.
The awning thermometer tells me it’s 25C inside and it’s 17.5C outside. The Small Dogs are snoozing in the sun.


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