Cold and windy

As I’ve said previously, anyone who tries to tell you that Crete is always mild, warm and sunny, has not been here in the winter.

More rain in the night but it was dry for both walks, albeit cold and windy. The dogs had great fun this evening so should sleep well tonight. The Brown Dogs are all flat out. Having closed the gates to the beach, I can let them off straight away but prevent them from going back into the camping. Mickey sets his watch, so is hanging around at the compound gate waiting for my lot to go for their evening walk. I attach the Brown Dogs plus Dave to a tree outside the storeroom. They cannot get to Mickey who stays at a safe distance. Luis works himself up into a lather as I get the Small Dogs onto their leads and bring them out to join the others. At this point, I release Dave, so that the does not get dragged along with this mad bunch since their sole aim is to get to Mickey. It takes a lot of effort on my part to restrain them as they are now so strong and so wound up having been in all day. I certainly would not have managed them before my hernia operation but can do so with relative ease now as it’s nearly three months on.
So far we have had gusts to Bft 7 but you should be able to see the weather summary later. It failed to send last night and the night before as the customised control template was deleted from the directory. I have modified that template to provide a dominant wind direction rather than an actual wind direction at the time of sending, having finally worked out how to do it correctly. The wonderful Meteobridge device that sends the messages automatically is also capable of producing interesting graphs. You can see a couple of those on the Grammeno Weather site should you wish. The page may not work as intended on the iPad but I’m trying to find a solution to that too.
I have completed this phase of the electrical upgrade project and have posted some photos which should become apparent in the fullness of time. I still need to clip the cable to the walls of the storeroom however it’s not practical to do that until it is emptied for the season. Hopefully, Antonis will manage to acquire the plastic box I am seeking so that I can locate the IT clutter from the storeroom into the box together with the electrical control box and a couple sockets for running power tools outside or my electric lawnmower (just kidding about the lawnmower).
We have seen quite a bit of the sun. The water in the shower was perfectly hot enough, however, the temperature and strength of the wind would have made sitting outside without the awning tent impossible. I still need to come up with a way to reduce the force of the wind on the east side of the awning tent as I can see that will be the first to suffer as time goes by. It really is not intended to be used under these conditions. Fortunately, all parts of the awning and the tent are available separately should any item get destroyed by the weather. So far it has survived gusts to 78km/h and the fastest last year was 83km/h but that was exceptional.
Time for some food and a glass of wine…


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